duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

VAIO T Series Laptop

Responsive Ultrabook™
with full interfaces

           Thin and light, but powerful. Ultrabook is a perfect choice for a busy lifestyle. Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel. Intel® Core™ i7 processor³.
           Great battery life and power, this can easily cope with everything I throw at it in development work and even with the battery saver engaged and it only charging to 80% it still lasts at least half a working day. The work I do is processor intensive so I am extremely happy with this.
The Ultrabook format also makes it great for travelling
Bad Points:
The Keyboard action really sucks on this laptop, but you will hardly notice it as the fan seems to be really loud, admittedly this really started getting out of hand after I upgraded to Windows 8.
The silver around the screen is just too much and not being able to upgrade the screen prior to purchase was a difficult one for me. I knew about the Windows 8 duo coming out with the same screen size yet 1080p, I would have gladly paid for that upgrade.

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